Health Safety and Environment

At Precision safety is number one priority, Employees are trained in Health Safety and Environmental (HSE) awareness as well as on how to properly use personal protective equipment. HSE is a part of every process and takes precedence over all other goals and priorities of our organization. The company conducts weekly safety meeting and also mock drills to ensure all employees are aware of the safety requirements

Precision Industrial Training School

Precision Equipments also has an exclusive training school for imparting the fundamentals of Fabrication and Machining. We provide on the job training to workers as part of the orientation

Training manuals are prepared in local language and which covers the fundamentals of Welding, Fitting, Grinding etc., towards fabrication of critical process equipments

Defects in work man ship are photographically showed which enables the operators to quickly understand nature of defects and route cause for the same

Corporate Social Responsibilities

At Precision, Corporate Social Responsibility has been one of core values since inception. The Company's Management has contributed by sponsoring activities for community development through various Non-Government Organizations, Lion's and Rotary Clubs

An example of such: We have aided a school for underprivileged children in Nandambakkam Village by procuring new classrooms, furniture, and proper sanitation facilities. The regular maintenance of the school is also sponsored by the company

Even during the catastrophic Chennai floods of 2015 executive members of the leadership went above and beyond. They were able to startup, source, fund, and deliver necessary supplies including food, water and clean clothes to those in need. Our CEO and Director of Business Development even opened their own homes in Chennai to citizens seeking shelter

At Precision, we believe in enriching and nurturing our community. Beyond being a successful for profit business, we genuinely believe in doing what we can to help people