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Feed Water Heaters

Feed Water Heaters are used for heating the Boiler Feed water using the Intermediate/High pressure steam from the LP/HP stages of steam turbine

Precision’s Feed Water Heaters are designed taking into account the three heat transfer zones namely de-superheating, condensing and sub-cooling. At Precision manufacturing of the heaters are at ease due to the availability of BTA drilling machine for drilling tube sheets thickness as high as 500 mm

Steam Drum

Precision Equipments manufactures HP Steam Drums under Indian Boiler Regulation Act (IBR) with working temperature of around 250°C and 39 Kg/Cm²

Made from Carbon Steel with high tensile strength, the steam drum forms a standard part of a water tube boiler and acts as a phase-separator for the steam-water mixture. The specially designed drum demister separates the water droplets from the steam producing dry steam

Boiler Header

Boiler Header is a manifold which tie multiple steam carrying pipes to one boiler. The manufacturing requires precision drilling of the holes for pipes with close tolerance, fabrication and heat treatment. Boiler header are designed for 47 Kg/Cm² pressure & 364°C temperature. The Boiler Headers are usually made from Chromium-Moly Steel like P11

Air Cooled Condenser

Air cooled condenser or ACC is a dry cooling technique used in power plants to cool the steam exhaust from the boiler. The steam is condensed in parallel tubes cooled by axial fans. Precision has the capacity to fabricate and drill the header boxes and do the assembly, welding and expansion of fined tubes on to the header box


Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Plants (CSP)

There are two types of Solar Power Plants, namely Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Plants (CSP) and Photovoltaic Power Plants (PV)

Precision can supply Heat Transfer Products like Steam Generators, Deaerators and Surface Condensers for the Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Plants. For the Solar Power Plants with Molten Salt based Thermal Storage facility, we can design and manufacture Molten Salt/HTF heat exchangers


Wind Power

We have been working with Wind Mill industry for several years. We manufacture components like

  • Generator casings for the Permanent Magnet Type Wind Mills
  • Hubs
  • Brake Discs
  • Nacelle
  • Slew Rings etc